[b-greek] Re: b-greek digest: October 13, 2000

From: J. Garnier (nomre2me@home.com)
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 19:36:30 EDT

Wayne Lehman says:
"Idioms are expressions whose overall meaning is different from the sum of
the meaning of their parts. Idioms usually cannot be literally translated to
another language so that their original idiomatic meaning is understood
accurately in the target language."

By inserting the word "usually", you have revealed that your intention is to
here show that you will educate us poor dumb commoners by your unusual
insight, and for that we thank you. As you have listed the idioms with
little + and - minus symbols to indicate which expressions fail to maintain
comprehensibility to the ordinary nincompoop, I notice that you favor the
generic and dumbed-down translations, probably good in view of your opinion
of our intellect. Speaking of opinions, you forgot to mention that none of
this is fact, but your own opinion, and as such can be filed in the circular
container where other unsubstantiated opinions belong.

Joseph Garnier

Seattle WA

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