[b-greek] List Netiquette

From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Sat Oct 14 2000 - 20:16:15 EDT

While I think most members understand very well the nature of appropriate
list-discourse, I think it may be useful to let our basic protocol be seen
again, lest there be any misunderstanding in view of a recent message sent
to the list.


The B-Greek list has generally been characterized by respect, and has had
remarkably few flames. And we like it that way! It makes B-Greek a pleasant
place to hang around, and it promotes useful, interesting discussion. These
guidelines are intended to help explain the behavior we expect on the list:

* Respectful discourse:

Those who participate in the conference represent a wide range of
theological and denominational perspectives, perhaps even including some
whose interests are purely academic. Deep religious convictions surely
characterize many, perhaps most, of the list-participants, and some of
these convictions bear directly upon how the Biblical text is to be
understood. At the core of our discussion, however, is not what our
convictions are but what the Greek text may legitimately be understood to
mean. If discussion of this nature is to succeed, proper respect and
courtesy to other list members is important. While scholarly debate,
including disagreement, is encouraged as a goal of this conference, attacks
upon the character, intelligence, or faith of those participating are not
acceptable. Criticism must focus upon the arguments of others; it may not
be directed to the individual. Those who violate this policy will be
contacted politely by the B-Greek staff and requested to conform to these
guidelines. Those who continue to violate the policy will no longer be
welcome in the conference.

* Reposting:

It is considered to be in very poor taste to post to the list items that
have been sent off list. Before doing so always consult the author to see
if this is acceptable. Complaints from authors of messages that have been
posted to the list without their consent will be reviewed by the BG Staff
and appropriate action will be taken, if necessary.

* Advertisements:

No advertisements or job-postings are allowed without the approval of the
list-owner, Jonathan Robie (jwrobie@mindspring.com). Please clear your
requests before posting. Those directly related to the subject matter of
B-GREEK will probably be approved.

* Signatures:

It is a courtesy expected of B-Greek subscribers that messages should
indicate, at least in the "From" header, the personal name as well as the
e-address, or else should at least sign their posts with personal names.
Indications of the locality from which they write would help personalize
further for others the sender of a message. Academic or institutional
information may be appended also, but there is no privilege associated with
any academic or institutional status so-indicated.

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