[b-greek] Revelation, read aloud in Koine

From: Jonathan Robie (Jonathan.Robie@SoftwareAG-USA.com)
Date: Sun Oct 15 2000 - 18:09:36 EDT

I received the following in my mail, and thought it might be interesting to
some on this list.


>I have a scholarly friend who has produced, on 2 CD's and on audio tape as
>well, a reading of the entire book of Revelation in Greek according to the
>Westcott & Hort text. He has it available at this web site:
>So I thought I would ask your permission to be able to post the web site
>address for the benefit of b-greek readers who might find the readings quite
>helpful as a reference as they attempt to verbalize what they often so
>capably understand and explain.
>I receive no compensation whatever for making this site known, and only
>desire to post the address as a service to b-greek readers.
>Lloyd Stewart

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