[b-greek] Re: Locative to Patient in NT Greek

From: Daniel Riaņo (danielrr@retemail.es)
Date: Sun Oct 15 2000 - 17:37:55 EDT

Clayton wrote:

>I am looking for an example in NT Greek of verb argument which would
>normally have the semantic function "locative" but actually appears with the
>semantic function of "patient." This may never happen in NT Greek


        The quotation is from an old posting. After coming back from
a trip and reading lots of old messages I discovered that no one
answered this question on list! Well, I can't give an answer myself,
but (FWIW), note that this is a common syntactical phenomenon in
ancient Greek (far more common than it is in Spanish or English,
methinks), v. gr.

th\n po/lin e)selqo/ntas Th.2.13.2
a)po\ de\ tou= Ai)twlikou= pa/qous, ... oujx h(/kista au)to;\n tau=ta
e)sh/|ei, "the Aetolian disaster, ... had not a little to do with
these reflections" Th.4.30.1

or even:

th\n nh=son (...) perie/pleon "cruised round ... the island" Th.4.14.5.

        But I don't know of any case in NT Greek (I haven't checked
the grammars yet). Any examples are still welcome!
Daniel Riaņo Rufilanchas
Madrid, Espaņa

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