[b-greek] Re: 5 Case v. 8 Case

From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 22:55:12 EDT

At 6:03 PM -0400 10/16/00, Clay A. Kahler wrote:
>A friend of mine is asking some questions that I can not answer. I spoke
>of my preference of 8 case greek over 5 case. I mentioned that it allowed
>room for misinterpretation, and that this might have resulted in some of
>the liberalism that we have today.
>He asked me for specific examples. Unfortunately, my Greek, as a young
>student, is all but non existent. If anyone would give me some insite
>into this question it would be appriciated. By the way he is meticulous
>so I will need to site references.
>Basically, I need to demonstrate to him that eight case is superior to
>five case.

This is a perennial question. The last full discussion we had on it was in
December of 1999; you might look at our archives for a thread running from
December 4 through December 11 entitled "Syntax Grammars" and a short
follow-up thread entitled "Case" on December 9-12. I don't expect that this
will be settled to anybody's complete satisfaction: the jury is pretty well
split on the question. Ultimately it's a pragmatic question; I'm on the
side of eight basic functions in five cases, but I'm not going to repeat my
thoughts on the matter here--they're on record already.


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