[b-greek] Re: 5 Case v. 8 Case

From: Mark Wilson (emory2oo2@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 23:22:20 EDT

Clay wrote:

>Basically, I need to demonstrate to him that eight case is superior to
>five case.


I prefer to think of the Cases like this: 8 functions, 5 forms. And, I would
make sure you are not equivocating here with your friend.

When you say: 8 "case" is superior to 5 "case"

Just how do you define "case?"

If according to function, 8 wins.
If according to form, 5 wins.

I suspect that once you define your terms, both of you may be in more
agreement than you thought.

I am not sure how this might help, but here is something that bothered me
once I found out otherwise:

I use to hear (no, still do) that "this is an Ingressive Aorist." Or, "this
is a Culminative Aorist." Then I found out their was only one "form," but
that the Aorist could "function" in different ways.

I have since thought it would be better to say:

"Based on the development of this text, the author appears to be using the
Aorist in an "Ingressive sense."

Good luck in checking out the Archives.

Mark Wilson

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