[b-greek] Re: Room at SBL in Nashville.

From: Norman W. Hutchinson (bpchurch@peganet.com)
Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 19:28:52 EDT

Hi All : I got permission to make this announcement to the B_Greek
list,but please answer me "off list."

I have a room booked at the Holiday Inn Select Briley for the SBL
convention. I had already booked it for two, but my colleague has had to
back out owning to other commitments. So is there anyone on the List who
would like to share a room to cut some of the costs down? (It would
leave some money over for books!). Indeed, if there is the possibility
of a triple . . . .?

Let me know ASAP.

Thank you

Norman Hutchinson

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