[b-greek] Re: oikonomia as "incarnation"?

From: WFWarren@aol.com
Date: Sun Oct 22 2000 - 10:18:46 EDT

Steve had asked for some help on the translation of the message from Braulio.
Hopefully the following will be helpful. I've place the translation
following Braulio's message.


Bill Warren
Director of the Center for New Testament Textual Studies
Landrum P. Leavell, II, Professor of New Testament and Greek
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

>From: "Braulio Barillas" <parakal@quetzal.net>
>> Apreciada b-greek Karen:
>> Generalmente OIKONOMIAN se va a traducir por mayordomía, comisión,
>> dispensación, administración; traducirla por (incarnation) no es lo más
>> común pero puede ser considerada todavía como familia genérica de
>> y primogénitura. Subvertir (subverts) podemos pensar que no es un término
>> de lectura corrida, un sinónimo de más fluidez podría ser trastornar;
>> estamos entonces ante un trozo de lectura pesada.
>> Braulio Barillas

Generally OIKONOMIAN is translated by stewardship, commission (as in
receiving a military commission), dispensation, administration. To translate
it as incarnation is not the most common way, but could still be considered
as within the generic family of stewardship and kinship leadership. On the
other hand, we are right to think that it is not the normal reading, but a
synonym that is more fluid might be twisted (misinterpreted). So we are
faced with the difficulty of a quite loaded reading.

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