[b-greek] re: Idioms-Lyman

From: yochanan bitan-buth (ButhFam@compuserve.com)
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 09:55:00 EDT

>Mk 2:19 sons of the bridechamber
>Lk 4:25 the heaven was shut for three and a half years
>Lk 9:51 he resolutely set his face to go to Jerusalem
>. . .
>Jn 2:4 what to me and to you? (Hebraism)

Brief additions: I hope that this list doesn't imply that they are Greek
"sons of the bridechamber" is a woodenism of the worst kind for "bne Hupa"
and refers to the wedding guests,
not the 'bestmen' as some have guessed in print, and not to new born
children as some have guessed elsewhere.

Furthermore, 'set one's face' is usually misunderstood by NT folk as
implying 'firm resolution' when in fact it is an
ordinary Hebrew idiom meaning 'head off toward', 'went in the direction
PS: there is a second Hebrew idiom for 'set one's face' that means
"oppose", but that is not the one here, obviously.

finally, a note on Luke 9:51and the LXX. The wording is Luke is never
exactly found in the LXX. This is one of the many non-Septuagintalisms that
show that Luke is not 'imitating the LXX' but is being influenced by a
Hebraized source. [Remember: if Qumran texts were translated to Greek, most
of the material could be exemplified from the LXX, it is the few non-LXX
examples that provide the clue that LXX-imitationism is not going on. The
corrollaries to this simple methodological insight are very farreaching.]


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