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From: Wayne Leman (wleman@mcn.net)
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 10:47:53 EDT

yochanan clarified:

> >Mk 2:19 sons of the bridechamber
> >Lk 4:25 the heaven was shut for three and a half years
> >Lk 9:51 he resolutely set his face to go to Jerusalem
> >. . .
> >Jn 2:4 what to me and to you? (Hebraism)
> Brief additions: I hope that this list doesn't imply that they are Greek
> idioms.

My related figures of speech file has this preface:

"(The type of figure of speech is often stated in parentheses. Many of these
expressions are
Hebraisms literally preserved in Greek.)"

I have come to realize that the Greek of the Jewish writers of the NT is
saturated with Hebraisms. Their literalisms from Hebrew and Aramaic present
those of us who work in translation with interesting questions, eh?!

My list is far from complete and likely contains phrases which were not
idioms in Greek and my figures of speech list may contains idioms. I do know
the difference between idioms and the various figures of speech, but I note
that the literature on NT Greek often blurs the difference and calls more of
the phrases idioms than I would. It seems to me that Moule and others who
wrote about Greek "idioms" often paint with too broad of a brush.

Thanks for your clarifications, Randall. I was hoping for reactions like
yours. I want to keep adding to the list, making it accurate according to
today's definition of idiom as a figure of speech whose meaning cannot be
determined from the sum of the meaning of its parts.

> "sons of the bridechamber" is a woodenism of the worst kind for "bne Hupa"
> (Hebrew)
> and refers to the wedding guests,

Oh, for sure. I have written on this elsewhere at my Bible translation
website. But I was only making a list here, using literal English to reflect
the Greekbrew (or is it Hebreek?). In any case, whoever has ears to hear and
wishes to translate the original idioms to any other language must do
*something* to ensure that the idioms are understood with their correct
original idiomatic meaning.

Wayne Leman
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