[b-greek] A Question About PURIHKEA in Homer

From: Ilvgrammta@aol.com
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 22:54:34 EDT

Dear B-Greekers,

In book IV:387-388 (J.V. Muir) of the Odyssey, we read:


My question relates to the word PURIHKEA in line 387. Richard J. Cunliffe (A
Lexicon of the Homeric Dialect) notes that the word can mean 'sharpened by
fire," while Muir simply lists the meaning potential of PURIHKHS as "pointed
in the fire." Today in my class on Homeric Greek, we were trying to figure
out what the definitions given by Cunliffe and Muir mean. I.e., how was the
MOXLON 'sharpened in the fire"? I tried researching this term and did not
find much that elucidated the subject any at all. So if anyone has ever read
any information on this subject, I would like to hear what you have found.

Edgar Foster

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