[b-greek] Re: Greek accents in III - II cent. BC

From: Andre Desnitsky (desnitsky@ibtnet.org)
Date: Fri Nov 03 2000 - 04:21:50 EST

> If my memory serves me correctly Stephen G Daitz* makes a stab at it. I
> have not listened to his tapes for several years so I could be mistaken
> about this. I am not at all sure he is aiming at II and III century.
> Probably more like IV and V century.

Dear Clay,

Many thanks. An afterthought that followed my private response to you:
does he deal exclusively with the classical pronunciation as it is recorded in
our grammars?

My interest is a bit different: when and how did the Greek prosody start to
change, especially in what concerns proclitics and enclitics? And what about
evidences about those regions of the Hellenistic world where Greek was spoken
by people whose origin was non-Greek, Alexandria in particular?


Andre Desnitsky.

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