[b-greek] Re: Denniston's Particles

From: Alex / Ali (alexali@surf.net.au)
Date: Fri Nov 03 2000 - 06:48:24 EST

Clay wrote:

>Why would anyone in their right mind** give away "Denniston's "The Greek
>Particles"? Since this question has come up off list I suspect that I might
>as well say this in public.
>I am fiercely pragmatic about my library. Books have to earn a right to
>up shelf space. Denniston had been around for a number of years and was not
>earning his shelf space. After 12 years of using H.W. Smyth I have learned
>to consult him first on Greek questions outside of the NT. If I had to use
>one and only one grammar Smyth would win the top slot. When it comes to
>Homer, after consulting Cunliffe, Smyth, Monro, LSJ, Benner, I hardly ever
>needed to look at Denniston and when I did he was generally not very

Clay, your candour and your pragmatic ruthlessness in dispatching Denniston
from your library amused me, but it brought back memories, too. One of my
professors at Monash University here in Melbourne said, somewhat
contemptuously, that Denniston's work was the sort of thing suited to a
master's thesis; in context, this was a code alleging that it was hack work,
showing lots of labour but not much higher order thinking, the sort of thing
to be done by someone with more time than originality.

Maybe that comment has influenced me over the years, for I have rarely
consulted my copy. The last time I did, I was wondering if it might have
something to say on ALL' hOMWS as opposed to ALLA. (The inquiry was prompted
by J.B.Lightfoot's comments on one understanding of Philippians 2:6-7, in
which he argues that the former would be required rather than the latter
which the text actually has.) It gave me no help.

All the same, I'm not giving it away.

Alex Hopkins

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