[b-greek] Re: Mounce NIV English-GNT

From: Patrick Narkinsky (patrick@extremehope.org)
Date: Sat Nov 04 2000 - 16:41:04 EST

On Sat, 4 Nov 2000, clayton stirling bartholomew wrote:

> Does this not amount to a contradiction?
> The more one studies Ancient Greek (8th Cent. BC to 1st AD) the less likely
> one will be to claim to know " *exactly* what the words in a particular
> passage mean."

Sorry, I was casual in my wording. I should have said "with much greater
precision than allowed in a translation," rather than exactly. You are
perfectly correct in saying that to suppose that we understand exact
meanings is probably wrong and dangerous.

Howevewr, this is still far better than depending solely on a translation.
Certainly it must be acknowledged that there are many words in Greek for
which the full sense cannot be communicated in 1 word, or even in a short

It is simply not possible for many practically oriented clergy to become
fluent in Greek. The interlinear is better than nothing.


Patrick Narkinsky patrick@extremehope.org

"It is not as a child that I believe and confess Jesus Christ. My Hosanna is
born of a furnace of doubt." -- Fyodor Dostoevski

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