[b-greek] G. B. Winer's NT Grammar

From: Cassian DelCogliano (cassian@holyroodguild.com)
Date: Mon Nov 06 2000 - 11:47:53 EST

I am trying to straighten out the various English translations of Winer's
NT Grammar and to learn something of the significance of his work.

There were eight German editions. Winer himself put out six editions from
1822-1855. A 7th edition came out in 1866 by Luenemann and an 8th in
1894-1897 by Schmiedel.

There were various translations of various versions into English, but I am
interested in only two of them. Thayer's English edition of 1868 translates
the 7th German edition. But I can't determine which edition W.F. Moulton's
translation (which went through three editions itself, the last being in
1882) is based on. Would anyone happen to know this?

Could someone tell me, or point me to where such information could be
found, what the significance of Winer's NT grammar was for his
contemporaries, and then, what may be the on-going significance of his
work, if indeed there is any. I have seen it described as the first modern
scientific NT grammar, and in his 'Prolegoumena' the younger Moulton quotes
either Westcott's or Hort's glowing praise of his father's translation. I'm
looking for something more detailed than that.

Thanks very much,

Cassian DelCogliano

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