[b-greek] LXX extras

From: Clifton D. Healy (xianphil@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Nov 06 2000 - 23:13:09 EST

At the twin risks of commenting on an off-topic
thread, and of taking the previous question at face
value, I wanted to attempt to provide an answer.

The "odes" are collections of hymns scattered
throughout Scipture. I'm assuming you have the same
edition (Rahlfs) as I do, which provides footnotes
indicating whence they're taken.

The "psalms of Solomon" are just what they appear to
be, psalms (18 in number) ascribed to Solomon. I'm
uncertain whether they have any parallel in
Scripture--though I suspect they arise from the
passage in 1 Kgs 3 which indicates a vast body of
psalms which Solomon composed. Neither am I aware of
their history within Judaism or the early Church.

All the remaining books, as far as I can tell, should
either be in categories Protestants refer to as
Scripture and Apocrypha.

Hope this gets at your question.

Clifton D. Healy
email: xianphil@yahoo.com
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