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From: Steve Puluka (spuluka@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Nov 06 2000 - 22:18:05 EST

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From: "Theodore H Mann" <thmann@juno.com>
> The translators of the LXX used the term "husband" (ANHR), in Prov.
> 31:31, instead of "deeds," or "works," which I understand is the term
> used in all Hebrew texts. I'm curious to hear theories as to how they
> made that error. I am told that there is no similarity between the
> Hebrew terms for husband and works, so it seems unlikely that one would
> have been confused with the other. Any thoughts?
One possibility is an alternate text tradition that was the source of the
Septuagint translation. The obvious place to check for this is the Dead Sea
Scrolls. Unfortunately, proverbs is a very under represented book in the
scrolls and this verse is not among them.

Steve Puluka
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