[b-greek] Re: Luke's Greek

From: Wayne Leman (wleman@mcn.net)
Date: Wed Nov 08 2000 - 14:23:00 EST

Mark Nichols asked:

>I was wondering if anyone is aware of any work available over the Web on
the style of Luke's >Greek.

I don't know, but using a good search engine such as www.google.com should
give you the answer.

> Also, is there any such thing as a translation doctrine of style?

Yes, see resources such as Dictionary of Translation Studies, by Mark
Shuttleworth (St. Jerome Publishing, 1997), page 160, entry "Stylistic

Also see the numberous Index entries for "style" in the fine textbook,
Meaning-Based Translation, by Mildred L Larson (University Press of America,
1998, 2nd ed.).

You may be able to borrow these two books via ILL (Inter-Library Loan).

> What I mean is, I get the impression that Luke's Greek is quite formal and
precise. Should an English translation attempt to capture this underlying

Yes, translation from Greek to English should try to preserve stylistic
differences among Biblical authors, within the stylistic resources of
English (being sure not to use Greek style if it communicates the wrong
meaning in English or does not have a formal equivalent in English style;
instead, use the English style which is translationally equivalent to the
Greek style).

> Paul's epistles, it is said, were probably dictated. Once again, should an
English tranlsation attempt to capture this?


>Please accept my apologies should these topics be considered inappropriate
for B-Greek.

If they are inappropriate here, they would be appropriate on the Bible
translation discussion list, which you can access via the info at the top of
my Bible translation website, address below.

Wayne Leman
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