[b-greek] Re: Antecedent of hWi in I Peter 1:6

From: Rodney J. Decker (rdecker@bbc.edu)
Date: Wed Nov 08 2000 - 15:00:24 EST

At 11:03 AM 11/8/00 -0800, you wrote:
>>Concerning EN hWi, the current GRAMCORD has it as masculine... I
>>personally think there's a lot to be said for BAGD's rendition
>>"circumstantially, of the condition(s) under which someth. takes place"
>>(EN IV.6.e.; hOS I.11.c).

How would you translate it "circumstantially"? (I know that's not the test
of an exegetical decision, but it helps me understand what you mean.) I've
taken it temporally: "in which [time]..." = "then you will rejoice..."

>On the infinitive APOKALUFQHNAI I think you meant to have the double line
>bi-sect, not intersect the base line to indicate the infinitive (unless
>you meant that it was some sort of double accusative?).

Whoops! You're right. It was intended to be drawn as an infinitive; I
dragged the wrong piece out of Accordance's tool palette.

>The other thing is the DEON, which is difficult for sure, esp., since its
>this frozen neuter sing form. I can't decide if its supposed to be
>supplementary to ESTIN (even when its only implied) with LUPHQENTES as a
>circumstantial ptc of purpose (your diagram ?!), or as a predicate with
>the participle as the subject (sort of constructio ad sensum).

I've taken LUPHQENTES as an adverbial (aka, circumstantial) *concessive*
ptcp ("although you may suffer...").

In light of your comments, and rethinking some of this sentence, what about
taking the hINA clause as the subject of ESTIN DEON ("that the approved
quality of your faith should be found... is necessary")? This would take
hINA as a noun clause; alternately, one might take ESTIN DEON impersonally
and the hINA clause as epexegetical...? But I think the noun clause is better.

>Also on the ptcs APOLLUMENOU and DOKIMAZOMENOU, I put the article on the
>line in front of DE indicating that it governs both of those adj ptcs.

Good idea.

(Some are prob. reading this and scratching their head that some people
still try to analyze a text this way! That is, by diagramming.)

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