[b-greek] EN EKEINWi TWi KAIRWi = TOTE ???

From: Jason Hare (language_lover64801@yahoo.com)
Date: Sat Nov 11 2000 - 19:48:05 EST

Fellow B-Greekers,

First, let me express thanks and appreciation to the whole list. I have
been on B-Greek for some time now and it has turned out to be a great
source of learning and help, both from wealth of information presented on
such varied topics and from the diverse backgrounds and positions of all
the members. Again, many thanks to all the participants on the list. You
have been a wonderful encouragement to me!

Now, to the question at hand. In Matthew 11:25, I read EN EKEINWi TWi
KAIRWi (at that [appointed] time). I am wondering is this has the same
effect as TOTE (then, at that time). Could this just be a Hebraism? I
have not noticed KAIROS being used in this sense before. Also, could it be
explained as translation Greek, in that Matthew probably wrote in
Hebrew/Aramaic before it was carried over into Greek?

Thanks and regards to all members of the list.

Jason Hare


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