[b-greek] Re: Jim West & BDAG

From: Numberup@worldnet.att.net
Date: Fri Nov 24 2000 - 22:28:15 EST

Many thanks! Erasmus said nothing about being stupid. And the amazon order was
cancelable until shipped, which it wasn't yet.

Solomon Landers
Memra Institute for Biblical Research

One of the McKays wrote:

> OK, if you really want to pay almost twice the best price I spose.
> But you can still get the deal I got: $US42 plus postage, by doing this:
> 1. Go to http://www.addall.com/
> 2. Select Search by Author
> 3. Type "bauer danker" [worked for me!]
> 4. Click on the latest edition
> 5. Then click on the coupon next to the item with the cheapest price.
> 6. Then follow the instructions.
> David McKay
> musicke@ozemail.com.au

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