[b-greek] Re: Jim West & BDAG

From: One of the McKays (musicke@ozemail.com.au)
Date: Fri Nov 24 2000 - 20:42:21 EST

> I really haven't been following the thread on the BDAG, but since it is
> available for $42, maybe I'll get one. I'm sure this must have been
> covered in the discussion, but perhaps you'll humor me by telling me if
> the changes are sufficiently significant to justify the purchase. Will I
> be missing out on a lot if I stay with my present edition?

G'day Ted
According to the blurb at Amazon, there are "25,000 additional references to
classical, intertestamental, Early Christian, and modern literature.
In this edition, Frederick W. Danker's broad knowledge of Greco-Roman
literature, as well as papyri and epigraphs, provides a more panoramic view
of the world of Jesus and the New Testament. Danker has also introduced a
more consistent mode of reference citation, and has provided a composite
list of abbreviations to facilitate easy access to this wealth of

David McKay

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