[b-greek] Re: Luke 2.42+

From: Steven R. Lo Vullo (doulos@chorus.net)
Date: Sat Nov 25 2000 - 20:05:39 EST

On 11/25/00 7:26 AM, Steven Craig Miller wrote:

> The "temporal view" of a present participle is dependent upon its principle
> verb. Here the action of going up took place in the past, "when he was 12
> years old." Also, this present participle is part of a genitive absolute
> construction. The subject of the (genitive absolute) participle is the
> genitive AUTWN. Here the idea is the time during which the action happened.
> The aspect of the present tense is often conceived as being in progress.
> Here: "WHILE they WERE go-ING up."

Yes, the "temporal view" of the participle is dependent upon the main verb,
but here the main verb isn't EGENETO in the clause KAI hOTE EGENETO ETWN
DWDEKA ("And when he was twelve years old"), since the subordinating
temporal conjunction hOTE identifies that clause as dependent. The main
verbs are actually hUPEMEINEN and EGNWSAN in v. 43. But these are actions
that occurred *after* the feast, since the aorist participle TELEIWSANTWN
makes clear that they had "finished" the days of the feast before the
actions of the main verbs took place. So the problem with identifying the
action of the present participle strictly as the actual journey to
Jerusalem, contemporaneous with the actions of the main verbs, and
translating it as "WHILE they WERE go-ING up," is that the actions of the
main verbs didn't take place while they were on their way to Jerusalem, but
after they had arrived, and indeed after the feast was over and Jesus'
parents were on their way home. If we translated ANABAINONTWN AUTWN as
"while they were going up," we would be in the odd position of saying that
events that occurred after the feast somehow took place while the
participants were on their way to the feast. That, I think, is what prompted
Alan to submit his query in the first place.

Steve Lo Vullo

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