[b-greek] Re: John 20:28 and Smart's rule.

From: Dan Parker (stoixein@sdf.lonestar.org)
Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 19:41:12 EST

> Dan you quoted Augustine and Margaret Davies interpretation of John 20:28.
> Surely their views must be ruled out by John's own words that Thomas
> addressed his answer EIPEN AUTWi
> i.e. to Jesus.
> > But more importantly, so as not to get into a theological debate, I am
> > more interested in whether "Smart's rule" has exceptions to it in

> > the GNT.
> Smart's rule is invalidated by John 20:28, where Thomas says EIPEN AUTWi
> [to Jesus]
> David McKay
> musicke@ozemail.com.au

There is massive syntactical evidence to support the view that two
persons are in view here. Do you have any other examples of exclamations
which follow EIPEN AUTWi so that we can form a statistical base for your
claim that this is significant and can overturn the dozens of examples
to the contrary?

Kind Regards,
Dan Parker

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