[b-greek] RE: AUTOS in Luke 3:23

From: Iver Larsen (alice-iver_larsen@wycliffe.org)
Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 15:36:16 EST

Dear Kimmo,

Thank you for the example from Finnish. You are right that this is not a
universal rule. And I wrote rather briefly, so maybe I should explain a bit
more. If an independent pronoun is obligatory present together with
corresponding verb endings, this is a case of required double marking and it
would imply nothing about emphasis.

It is only if the pronoun is grammatically optional, so that you have a choice
between a form with and without pronoun, that I would suspect the presence of
the independent pronoun to suggest a (slight?) emphasis. It is when we have
choice that the factors determining such choices become interesting. My general
expectation is that emphasis is involved, because I know that is the case is
several languages from very different language families, but it is only an
expectation that would have to be looked at for each language and either
accepted or discarded. As far as I can see, it applies to the GNT.

Iver Larsen
Kolding, Denmark

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