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From: Kevin W. Woodruff (cierpke@prodigy.net)
Date: Sat Feb 10 2001 - 10:12:33 EST


You can use your Character Map to find these characters. It is a feature
that come with all Windows operating systems. It is located in your
"Accessories " folder.

Gp to your "Start" button. click "Programs" and then choose "Accessories"
folder. In your Accessories folder will be your program "Character Map."

Use your Character Map to see what keystrokes you need to hit to get the
correct character that you need.


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>the SIL apparatus fonts use the Alt key along with tthe number pad to form
>the various gothic Letters for Majority text, papyri etc.
>To form the gothic M choose your SIL Apparatus font, hold down your ALT key,
>pres the numbers 0136 on your numeric keypad (make sure your number lock
>light is on) and then release your ALT key.
>One other question. Do you have the numberical listing for these font
>>i would like to make a correction to my last post. I believe that the font
>>has been recognized,
>>but this file doesn't seem to contain the font/symbol for manuscripts.
>>Maybe I downloaded the wrong zip.file?
>>Thanks again
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Library Director/Reference Librarian
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Cierpke Memorial Library
Tennessee Temple University/Temple Baptist Seminary
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