[b-greek] Archives and the two gaps

From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Sat Feb 10 2001 - 12:36:57 EST

I'm going to paste in below the contents of a message I posted on October
19, 1999; perhaps it ought to be posted periodically to the list just as we
post the FAQ/Welcome Message to the list on a regular periodic basis. At
any rate, here it is:

Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 10:17:16 -0500
To: Biblical Greek <b-greek@franklin.oit.unc.edu>
From: "Carl W. Conrad" <cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu>
Subject: Accessing the B-Greek Archives

I have been asked about accessing the B-Greek Archives; since this question
comes up from time to time and there is some confusion owing to the fact
that there are two separate archives, and owing also to the fact that there
are two lacunae or gaps in the existing archives. About these lacunae I
should say that the archives for those time periods are not lost--they
simply have not been incorporated into the web archives yet; a fair amount
of work is involved in combining the message files into a format that can
be catalogued and searched readily with a search engine; the software is
available to do this work, but it IS time-consuming, and all of us who are
involved in administration of the list do it in time left-over from our
regular work. So: some day the archives will be completed, and perhaps
incorporated into a single corpus that is more easily searchable, but that
lies in an indefinite and not immediately foreseeable future. At any rate,
here's a listing of what we have available and how to get to each item.
I've listed each item in a format that will allow mail programs (such as
Eudora, or web-browser mail programs) so-equipped to click on URLs and go
directly in their web-browsers to the archive for which they are looking.

Let me note some caveats which should, but may not be, obvious:

(1) You'll have to know where the thread you're looking for is, i.e., when
it took place.

(2) There are two separate sites:
  (a) for archives from the years that the list was located at
majordomo@virginia.edu, the essential URL is:
  (b) archives since the list was relocated at our present site in Chapel
Hill, NC are housed at the main web site of the mailing list, at the URL:
(3) If you don't know whether a topic has been dealt with or when, you can
do a search at either set of archives, but when you do, take into
consideration that subject-headers vary considerably and that Biblical book
names have been spelled and abbreviated in quite a variety of ways.

Here's the complete listing of dates and URLs:

For archives AFTER June 28, 1998, go to URL:

For archives FROM May 7, 1998 THRU July 28, 1998, go to URL:

GAP/LACUNA/HIATUS: Dec 1, 1997 thru May 6, 1998

For archives FROM Nov 1, 1997 THRU Nov 30 1997, go to URL:

For archives FROM Sep 25, 1997 THRU Nov 1, 1997, go to URL:

For archives FROM Aug 30, 1997 THRU Oct 1, 1997, go to URL:

For archives FROM Jul 30, 1997 THRU Aug 31, 1997, go to URL:

For archives FROM Jun 1, 1997 THRU Aug 1, 1997, go to URL:

For archives FROM Jun 18, 1997 THRU Jun 19, 1997, go to URL:

For archives FROM May 7, 1997 THRU Jun 26, 1997, go to URL:

For archives FROM Mar 1, 1997 THRU May 1, 1997, go to URL:

For archives FROM Jan 30, 1997 THRU Mar 1, 1997, go to URL:

For archives FROM Dec 3, 1996 THRU Jan 30, 1997, go to URL:

For archives FROM Oct 26, 1996 THRU Dec 4, 1996, go to URL:

For archives FROM Jul 30, 1996 THRU Nov 2, 1996, go to URL:


For archives FROM Jul 1994 THRU Mar 1996, go to URL:

For archives FROM Jul 1993 THRU Jul 1994, go to URL:

For archives FROM May 1992 THRU Jun 1993, go to URL:

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