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From: Paul Cruice (PaulCruice@t130.aone.net.au)
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 16:28:25 EST

Moon and others,
Some years ago when I was searching for bible software I made a list of
facilities I needed. At the time there was no software which did the
job. However as time progressed a piece of software on the Macintosh was
developing in the direction I wanted. Today that software now called,
Accordance is in my opinion THE best there is. Unfortunately, it is not
available on PC's and probably never will be as certain limitations on
PC's would require excluding small parts of the current version of
Accordance and OakTree Software (www.oaksoft.com) are not prepared to do
that. The Accordance method of doing what you require is completely
graphical, very intuitive and very comprehensive.
Having said that there are some little things which I would yet like to
see incorporated in Accordance in other areas. I expect this will happen
as Dr Helen Brown of OakTree is very responsive to the requests of
Accordance users.
I guess this doesn't help as most of you probably use PC's.

Paul Cruice

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