[b-greek] 1 Tim 5:8 - Masculine or Feminine??

From: Paul Cruice (PaulCruice@t130.aone.net.au)
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 17:34:24 EST


1 Tim 5:8
ei de tis twn idiwn kai malista oikeiwn ou pronoei thn pistin hrnhtai
kai estin apistou ceirwn
This is always translated in the masculine yet there is nothing in the
text which specifies this. In fact the grammar indicates it can be
either masculine or feminine. This only leaves the context to determine
the gender. That this text is part of a context is indicated by the
connector DE and since the context before and after is "widows" the
gender should be feminine and NOT masculine.
Is this thinking correct???

Paul Cruice

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