[b-greek] Re: Search engines for NT - the best

From: Moon-Ryul Jung (moon@saint.soongsil.ac.kr)
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 20:10:44 EST

Dear Paul,
Thanks for the information.
Some member recommended BibleWorks on PC. I need to use PC.
Can you comment on it as well?
Moon-Ryul Jung
Sogang Univ, Seoul, Korea

> Moon and others,
> Some years ago when I was searching for bible software I made a list of
> facilities I needed. At the time there was no software which did the
> job. However as time progressed a piece of software on the Macintosh was
> developing in the direction I wanted. Today that software now called,
> Accordance is in my opinion THE best there is. Unfortunately, it is not
> available on PC's and probably never will be as certain limitations on
> PC's would require excluding small parts of the current version of
> Accordance and OakTree Software (www.oaksoft.com) are not prepared to do
> that. The Accordance method of doing what you require is completely
> graphical, very intuitive and very comprehensive.
> Having said that there are some little things which I would yet like to
> see incorporated in Accordance in other areas. I expect this will happen
> as Dr Helen Brown of OakTree is very responsive to the requests of
> Accordance users.
> I guess this doesn't help as most of you probably use PC's.
> Paul Cruice
> Toowoomba
> Australia

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