[b-greek] Part 4__OIDA and GINWSKW

From: Natali (natali_home_w@ok.kz)
Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 10:48:26 EST

As far as I understand, there are quite accurate meaning parallels in
English and ancient Greek with respect to the following:

OIDA is "I know (I have a knowledge of; I'm able)".
It is rather a notion having been formed in one's mind, and is something
established, natively attractive, relatively stable that may exist in itself
(even contrary to obvious conflict with reality); its knowledge is
convenient in treatment and self-sufficient (as FILEW). Thus the main
content of OIDA is already inside of one's mind and one's common interests.

GINWSKW is "I get to know (I come to my knowledge; I become acquainted with;
I cognize, notice, understand; I consider, judge, deem, think, determine,
solve, appreciate; I apprehend, comprehend, conceive, learn; and also "I
know" but exclusively as regards of "I'm familiar with" or "I understand
(English)", "I'm aware of").
GINWSKW is rather a (current) notion being formed by one's watch, thought
and care (as AGAPAW). The very main content of such growth is always
somewhere ahead for one's current hopes, needs and gratification. GNWSIS
treasure subtleties, more promising ones, are always stay outside of one's
mind reach acquired.

You see, GNWSIS is something more than relatively stagnant "knowledge". It
is the noun conveying a *process of knowledge increase*, on the basis of
present knowledge having reached. The essential feature of GNWSIS (and other
GINWSKW cognates, without aoristus "perfection") is "coming to (more and
more) knowledge": "appreciating, cognizing, considering, understanding,
conceiving, comprehending, getting to know".
It should, IMO, be seen in (Gen.2:9,17), *(2 Pet.1:2,3,8; 2:20; 3:18)*,
(Rom.15:14), (1 Cor.1:5; 13:2; 14:6), (2 Cor.2:14; 4:6; 8:7; 10:5; 11:6),
(Gal.4:9), (Eph.1:17; 4:13), (Phil.1:9; 3:8), (Col.1:9,10; 2:2; 3:10),
(1Tim.2:4), (2Tim.2:25; 3:7), (Tit.1:1), (Philem.1:6), (Heb.10:26).

It's continued in Part 5

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