[b-greek] Part 2__FILEW evidence

From: Natali (natali_home_w@ok.kz)
Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 10:45:46 EST

IMO, evidence, more or less strong, for the given determination of FILEW
(references are according to RSV-2) is:

(Gen.27:4), (Gen.27:9), (Gen.27:14), (Prov.21:17b), (Is.56:10), (Hos.3:1 at
the end), (Mt.11:19), (Lk.7:34) -- there is *instinctive* attraction to
food, drink and slumber (sleep).
But "not sleep" in (Prov.20:13) is an AGAPAW choice.

(Gen.37:4) -- Joseph's brothers did not understand why their father so
*unreasoningly* loved Joseph more then all them.
But when *"because", the reason factor,* appeared in (Gen.37:3), and in that
context THE SAME LOVE became AGAPAW.

(2 Chron.19:2) -- Jehosh'aphat fell in love attachment in *so deep, stable
manner* that made a marriage alliance with Ahab *without reasoning* about
his hating the Lord.

(2 Chron.26:10), (Prov.17:19), (Tit.1:8), (Tit.2:4) -- usually *stable (of
itself) nature* of love or inclination to something accepts compound words
combined with FIL.

(1Cor.16:22), (Tit.3:15) -- at the very end of a long letter there may be
phrases that go as if without saying; just *sincere (friend's) love of
itself* is, IMO, here.

(Mt.6:5), (Mt.23:6-7), (Mk.12:38-39), (Lk.20:46) -- in context of (Mt.23:4),
(Lk.11:46) -- mind is not required for vainglory, vain piety and resting on
one's laurels.
But if THE SAME LOVE is spoken not in the abstract, about somebody in
general, but in the concrete conversation about your such love, with
arguments, reasoning and elucidation (Lk.11:43 in context of Lk.11:39-54),

(Rev.22:15) -- falsehood exists due to our *unaccountable* love for it, just
*off our head*.

(Hos.12:7) -- to oppress poor people and to become rich with false balances
in hands does not require mind.

(Prov.27:6) -- faithfulness of loving friend may be here.

(Jn.15:19), (3 Jn.1:9) -- to love one's own and to like to put oneself first
are characteristics that exist *rather spontaneously* for many.

(Jn.12:25) -- is to love one's own life, moreover, is to do it *without
foresight concerning* one's evolution towards bearing much fruit (Jn.12:24).

(Mt.10:37) -- when we love our relatives to the prejudice of Christ, "over"
Him, in overstepping Him, it is *out of mind* indeed.

(Jn.5:20) versus (Jn.3:35); (Jn.11:3) and (Jn.11:35-36) versus (Jn.11:5);
(Jn.16:27), (Jn.20:2) versus (Jn.19:26), (Jn.21:7), (Jn.21:20) and
(Jn.13:23); (Rev.3:19) versus (Heb.12:6) -- is unity of FILEW and AGAPAW for
God/Christ's love, available in His all-embracing warm-hearted Spirit.
And God's FILEW is not obstructed by AGAPAW "because" (Jn.16:27); on the
contrary, FILIA gains absolutely firm hold by AGAPH when (i.e. "because")
the latter becomes sufficiently stable in subtleties and helpful for FILIA
vision and spreading.

(Prov.29:3) - it's in context of (Prov.2:10), (Prov.23:15), (Prov.24:14).

(Prov.8:17) -- (unreasoned) attraction or thirst of heart for mind cognition
(that is open-hearted warm relations with one's own understanding, and that
is genuine heart lightsome/paradoxical spontaneity in conjunction with
quickness in the uptake, with skill being acquired) stimulates responsive
thoughtful participation of mind in heart occasions.

 (Jn.15:14-15) -- genuine FILIA/FILOS is in its power just due to one's
getting knowing what his friend is doing, and due to self-sacrifice giving
what he want, and due to knowing (cognizing) all AGAPH Providence of
friend's life beginnings.
Thus, FILEW is not always coarse, empty-headed bearing on love. Just we
usually accept it so.
And in this connection let me please a few (I fear) exegesis words for
better sense conveying:

Spontaneity, as if unreason, may be instinctive (from our body), or/and
inspired by God (through our heart-soul), or/and intuitive (due to mind, as
a subconscious result of our cognition work).
The unity of heart and mind, i.e. of inspired FILEW and AGAPAW in their
growing subtleties, is the highest life treasure.
But in reality (almost) everything in heart FILEW is only soaked by AGAPAW
so that FILEW loses its sincerity, ingenuous integrity and becomes rather
AGAPAW; or AGAPAW is perceived like FILEW. Indeed, (almost) any spontaneous
appearing is, in actual fact, determined by our sometime accepted
prescription how to behave in analogous situation. And real absence of
reason is reputed as whim or foolish unreason.
As to me, an example of apparently bad AGAPAW-commitment (that nevertheless
converses into vital FILEW-attraction) is one's attitude to smoking. First
introducing to this process causes disgust and perplexity, and one's will is
required to continue it. But in course of time smoking becomes a pleasing
habit and even stable attractive necessity as eating and drinking:

Who seeks better life often does not believe one's own heart.
And, IMO, we have got so much AGAPAW in the Bible (as compared with a world
without Bible) just in order to:
- clear FILEW spontaneity, being inspired by God, from passion blindness or
its, AGAPAW, own prejudicial influence when it dries FILEW up;
- and to spread such FILIA-AGAPH among all people.
If we ascend primary heart innocence by wise AGAPH, it evolutionarily admits
us into God's FILEW-AGAPAW unity and learns to love and understand such
unity subtleties in treatment.

It's continued in Part 3

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