[b-greek] Re: Acts 2:1 Come or Fully Come

From: Harold R. Holmyard III (hholmyard@ont.com)
Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 20:42:47 EST

Dear Terry,

> While I rarely read the KJV Bible anymore, but it was pointed out to
>me that the
>KJV translates the word SUNEPLHROUNTO as "fully come". In Acts 2:1 the
>NIV translates
>the word SUNEPLHROUNTO simply as "come". While I hold no special trust in
>the KJV
>version over any other translation, I have looked up the word
>lexicon, Moulton, and checked out all its occurrences in my On-Line Bible.

> SUNEPLHROUNTO does means to "come". In the New Testament it is used
>three times,
>all three times by the writer Luke. When he uses it in Luke 8:23 it is
>translated as
>"filled" in KJV and "swamped" in the NIV. It made me wonder if the word has a
>connotative meaning of "a moment of expectation."

>Is there a
>connotation of expectation in the word SUNEPLHROUNTO? In other words, are the
>translators of the KJV justified in saying "fully come?"

Terry, someone else may have more experience with the word, but a Greek
Lexicon (Liddell & Scott) that I have suggests that the word has the
following ideas:

SOMPLHROW: 1) help to fill ("help them in manning"), 2) a) fill up or fill
completely [medical: cause congestion], b) complete, c) fulfill, attain, d)

The other lexicon I have (BAGD) has meanings like the ones you have already
given. It likes "come" as a translation for the word in Acts 2:1.

                                Harold Holmyard
                                Dallas, TX

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