[b-greek] Re: IAW = IAO, IAWE = IAVE

From: Eduardo M. Acuna (eacuna@mail.giga.com)
Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 00:16:24 EST

> In a message dated 02/19/2001 6:22:43 AM Pacific Standard Time,
> eacuna@mail.giga.com writes:
> << The names Ia, Iao, are presented as connected to magic in literature and
> amulets. Iao as a phonetic transcription of IAW provides the evidence. >>
> I believe Rolf's point was that the LXX's use of IAW cannot be shown to be
> connected in any way with magical arts. If you have such evidence, rather
> than reference books perhaps you could cite some material from the books
> containing evidence for the connection you see between the *Jewish* use of
> IAW and magical arts.
Quotes from books and other references were presented here:
> This particular form of the divine name is commonly
> associated with normal Jewish usage. It is only later that IAW and many other
> forms of the divine name became a part of various incantations and spells, as
> we see in the Greek magical papyri.
It is my perception that it is exactly the opposite; that is, Ia and Iao
are not a common Jewish usage. and as for "later" PMich 155,3 is dated
second century B.C.E. is it late to you?
> Regarding Jewish/Biblical usage, Diodorus (1.321) writes about Moses who
> "referred his laws to the god who is invoked as IAW."
> In Contra Celsus (6.32) Origen refers to those involved in the magical arts
> who took the name IAW "from the Hebrew Scriptures," which is the "name used
I couldnīt put it better: "those involved in magical arts" took the name
> The form IAWIA is listed in the main text of Paul Koetschau's
> Origenes Werke, but Chadwick (Origen: Contra Celsum, note 1) cites both IAW
> and IAWIA as forms of the divine name used in this citation.
See above. It is referred as for use "in magical arts".
> In support of Rolf's evidence from the Hexapla, the LXX uses the Greek alpha
> in transliterating the Hebrew sheva in "Zebulun" (Gree: ZABOULWN), "Jediael"
> (Greek: IADIHL), and "Jehiel" (Greek: IAIHL).

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