[b-greek] Re: IAW = IAO, IAWE = IAVE

From: Eduardo M. Acuna (eacuna@mail.giga.com)
Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 10:58:05 EST

First of all, thank you for your very important comments on the subject. I
appreciate your patience.
I do accept that I made a mistake regarding the P.Mich dating. However, my
opinion has not changed because I do not contend that the greek magic
papiry influenced 4QLXXLevb.
What I wrote was that 4QLXXLevb translates YHWH as IAW, which is the greek
transliteration of the phonetic transcription IAO, an inverse (i.e.,
magic) substitution of the incomplete vowels of ADONAI:IANODA.
I can summarize your opinion in your own words: <<Might the fact that both IA and IAW correspond to very early forms of the tetragrammaton (YH and YHW) have something to do with the numerous references from these and other sources?<<
I can also summarize Rolf´s opinion in his own words:
<<The phonetic transcription IAW evidently represents the real pronunciation of the shortened form of YHWH when the LXX-copy was made<<
My opinion is that the use of IAW as a phonetic translation which do not
correspond to the Tetragrammaton is the proof of wrongdoing; because it
does not correspond to the four consonantal form.
As you mentioned also, <<Regarding Jewish/Biblical usage, Diodorus (1.321) writes about Moses who "referred his laws to the god who is invoked as IAW." In Contra Celsus (6.32) Origen refers to those involved in the magical arts who took the name IAW "from the Hebrew Scriptures," which is the "name used by the Hebrews" (APO DE TWN hEBRAIKWN GRAPHWN TON IAWIA PAR hEBRAIOIS ONOMAZOMENON).<< clearly links magic with IAW. In my opinion there is no name called YHW, this are the three letters called matres lectionis which can also be written as YWH. As for the abbreviation YH it presupposes a full form to be abbreviated, therefore it is not an early form.

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