[b-greek] Re: OUDE in 1 Timothy 2:12

From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 12:31:52 EST

Ithink this was meant for the list generally:

>Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 09:18:39 -0800 (PST)
>From: Justin Timothy Pankow <brotherjustin@yahoo.com>
>Subject: Re: [b-greek] RE: OUDE in 1 Timothy 2:12
>To: "Carl W. Conrad" <cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu>
>There is an excellent article that deals with 1 Tim.
>2.12. It is by Andreas J. Kostenberger. It appears in
>_Diccourse Analysis and Other Topics in Biblical
>Greek_, eds. Stanley E. Porter and D.A Carson,
>Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1995.
>The conclusion that Kostenberger came to was that
>OUDE, "This conjunction always coordinates activities
>of the same order both viewed positively or negatively
>by the writer or speaker" (178).
>I hope this helps with this discussion.
>Justin T. Pankow

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