[b-greek] re: Col. 1:5

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Date: Sat Feb 24 2001 - 02:58:28 EST


Ryan Jablonski wrote the following:

It is possible to regard DIA THN ELPIDA as giving a reason for the thanks
and prayers given for the Colossians? The NIV seems to translate the phrase
as the hope giving a source for the faith and love and the KJV seems to
regard it as a reason for thanks. In my opinion, the latter would seem to
fit the context of an introduction better.
I agree with you on this, Rran, for the following reason: DIA with an idea
(whether noun or infinitive or participle) indicates "through the agency of",
or simply "because".

You might have noticed that the NIV inserts "the faith and love which spring
from" to make their paraphrase understandable. The KJV (and the New KJ) add
nothing and leave it to the reader to connect this phrase with either verse 3
(cause of thanksgiving) or 4 (cause of faith and love), and leave open the
possibility of both.

I think the NIV here is a bit of a stretch because it appears that the hope
is the source when DIA is better seen as the medium rather than the source.

I to would be interested in any other ideas on this connection, especially if
there is a justification for a preference of the NIV.
I hope this discussion can give a bit of insight into the requirements of

Dale Greenlee

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