[b-greek] Re: EDOXASEN In Romans 8:30

From: Harold R. Holmyard III (hholmyard@ont.com)
Date: Thu Mar 08 2001 - 22:32:09 EST

Dear Glen,

I think that A. T. Robertson gave you a serviceable understanding of the
aorist in Rom 8:30.

>A.T. Robertson (Word Pictures) remarked--Glorified (EDOXASEN). All first
>aorist active indicatives of common verbs (KALEO, DIKAIOO, DOXAZO). But
>the glorification is stated as already consummated (constative aorists,

>all of them), though still in the future in the fullest sense. "The step
>implied in EDOXASEN is both complete and certain in the Divine counsels."


                        Harold Holmyard
                        Dallas, TX

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