[b-greek] Re: Apparatus Search

From: Wes Williams (WesWilliams@usa.net)
Date: Thu Mar 08 2001 - 23:04:36 EST

Dear Dagoberto,

It is fine to see your name. It's been a long time since we've spoken.

> Can someone help me in finding a Tool, application, and/or method for
> searching the 27th of the Nestle-Aland apparatus.
> Do we have the technology?

Bibleworks enables searching on UBS4-NA27, which it calls "GNT". It also
allows cross-version searching such as "give me all instances where the
GNT has any morphological form of QEOS and any of the specified English
versions does not have the word 'God' in it's corresponding English

The problem is that it is not free. I cannot speak for Gramcord but some
seem to have it and like it as well. You might pick up a used copy on

Wes Williams

> Thanks
> Dagoberto Garcia

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