[b-greek] Re: Apparatus Search

From: Randy Leedy (Rleedy@bju.edu)
Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 10:40:40 EST

Wes Williams wrote,

>>> Bibleworks enables searching on UBS4-NA27, which it calls "GNT".
It also
allows cross-version searching such as "give me all instances where
GNT has any morphological form of QEOS and any of the specified
versions does not have the word 'God' in it's corresponding English

Careful here! BW can give you all VERSES where GNT has QEOS and
English does not have "God" anywhere in the verse. But the words are
not lined up across versions so that the program can connect a Greek
word with a particular English word as its translation. It can only
determine whether or not that English word is somewhere in the verse.

These computer programs present us with pitfalls that will prove
problematic if we aren't careful. Sometimes what we think we're
telling the computer we want and what the computer thinks it
understands us as wanting are two entirely different things. Of
course, I know that the computer doesn't understand. But there's an
interesting hermeneutical wrinkle in here when you've got a triangle:
the programmer, the interface (including instructions) he provides,
and the user. Of course, you've got the same triangle with
author/text/reader, but the computer program is obviously a different
sort of media than a written text, and the programmer/user
relationship is different from an author/reader relationship. Didn't
mean to get off on that point; better quit now. Hope there aren't too
many typos.

Randy Leedy
Bob Jones University

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