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From: Clwinbery@aol.com
Date: Sun Mar 11 2001 - 10:36:44 EST

Carl Conrad wrote;

>>>>>>>>Paul, I may be wrong, but I frankly believe that KJV's "since" here
has the
sense of "because" rather than "more recently than." I may be liberal in
some ways, Paul, but I don't honestly think that most of our translators
today are as deeply erudite in Greek as were the KJV translators; I think
linguists may have a better handle on how best to describe some features of
the language, but the KJV translators belong to the Renaissance and had
very likely read and re-read Greek texts of all eras and understood the
idiom more directly and throughly than we today can honestly hope to do. My
point previously is that they may have had an inferior recension of the GNT
to work with, but I don't think any of really knows the language better
than they knew it. I think we tend to be rather puny at our best when
compared to those VIRI DOCTI ATQUE ERUDITI.<<<<<<<<

I would add to this. I have taught a course in History of the Bible including
the history of translation for 25 years. Having read many times the original
preface to the KJV and studied and compared what they did in light of the
English language in that day, I must say that I stand in awe of the KJV
translators. They had read the classics of Athens and Rome and the classics
of Christianity and Salem. There are three reasons why the KJV needs revision
as they did the Bishops Bible. 1) the text of the GNT in light of better mss.
and other sources 2) English has changed significantly 3) We do have more
materials to work with for lexicography and philology.

Now let me quickly say that we should return to a particular Greek text lest
we drift off into a discussion of the philosophy of translation.

Carlton Winbery
Prof. Religion
Louisiana College

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