[b-greek] Re: Pros Ton

From: Will Wagers (hyle@e-denton.com)
Date: Tue Mar 13 2001 - 10:04:51 EST

Hi Dennis,

In astronomical texts, *pros ton helion* is translated "*relatively*
to the sun".

I use an expression which occurs in _To Thessalonians_ : "to
God-ward" (1T 1:8).

By " a link", I think Dennis means something else in the text which
refers back reflexively (or reflectively) to the phrase in question.

(On this list, a wag might translate *pros ton theon* as *rapidly
approaching cancellation* :-)

Regards, Will

>Has anyone found a link to the phrase "pros ton theon" in John 1:1-4. This
>seems to indicate a reflective quality, like viewing oneself in a mirror.
>Does this make sense to anyone, or am I missing something? Thanks for your
>Dennis Bass

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