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Subject: Re: Hapax legomena
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An article by Bruce M. Metzger in BibliothecaSacra 150-599 (July 1993)
273-284, addresses the quantity of such "absolute hapax legomena" but does
not provide a list. Metzger writes, "In comparison with the difficulties of
ascertaining the meaning of words in the Hebrew Bible, the Greek New
Testament is much easier, at least with regard to the number of lexical
problems. According to statistics collected by an assiduous researcher,
[Robert Morgenthaler] the Greek New Testament contains 137,328 words,
comprising a total of 5,436 different words, of which 1,934 occur only once.
In footnote #5, Metzger adds, "According to information kindly supplied by
Frederick W. Danker (letter, December 10, 1989), only two dozen words (not
including proper nouns) have not been found elsewhere."
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> Can anyone point me to a relatively recent list of "absolute hapax
> legomena"? That is, words that occur only one time in the NT and not in
> previous known Greek literature. It's not hard to find a list of
> hapaxes--those that occur only once in the NT, but I'm looking for a more
> narrow list. I've read the intro to BDAG, but despite a number of catalog
> lists, I don't think they include what I'm seeking--unless I've not
> understood the descriptions that Bauer gives.
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