[b-greek] A better binding

From: Charlie & Mary Jane Perkins (cmjp@goodnet.com)
Date: Wed Mar 21 2001 - 21:00:10 EST

Dear List,

I may be purchasing approximately 6-12 Greek New Testaments for third to
sixth graders.

Any thoughts on where I can purchase one with a better binding than the
usual seminary text? Mine lost its binding after quite a short while, and I
don't expect that edition to fare well in a grammar school!

If you don't know of this "better" NT, would you know of a good book binder?
Is it possible to obtain unbound copies of Greek NT's from a publisher (that
could then be bound with a heartier binding)?

Thank you,

Charlie Perkins
Aletheia Classical Christian School
Prescott, AZ

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