[b-greek] baptism; final comment

From: HARRYJ (harryj@poczta.onet.pl)
Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 23:20:46 EST

The thread in this matter should be closed perhaps, but after some time
elapsed, I came across an interesting comment on 1 Cor.15:29-31:

28. Clarke, after saying that this is the most difficult passage in the
New Testament, and quoting Matt. xx. 22,23; Mark x. 38; and Luke xii. 50,
where suffering and martyrdom are represented by immersion, he sums up the
apostle's meaning as follows: "If there be no resurrection of the dead,
those who, in becoming Christians, expose themselves to all manner of
privations, crosses, severe sufferings, and a violent death, can have no
reward, nor any motive sufficient to induce them to expose themselves to
such miseries. But as they receive baptism as an emblem of death, in
voluntarily going under water; so they receive it as an emblem of the
resurrection unto eternal life, in coming up out of the water; thus they are
baptized for the dead, in perfect faith of the resurrection. The three
following verses seem to confirm this sense." 31. Or, that every day I am
exposed to death.

(from 'The Emphatic Diaglott', an interlinear translation of the Greek NT
from 1942)

Thanks to all who participated in taking up the thread.

Henryk Jedraszczak



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