[b-greek] Re: greek software tools

From: Jay Adkins (JAdkins264@aol.com)
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 07:34:05 EST

Having used both the Logos software (ie Scholar's Library) and Gramcordís
with the Bible Companion Series CD, I would make the following
1. Gramcord is much more complete in its morphological tagging than
Logos. Many verbs in Logos are tagged merely as "a verb" whereas Gramcord
will give the complete information on each verb (i.e. person, number,
tense, voice, mood).
2. Logos has greater volume of none language type resources (at
additional cost) such as commentaries.
3. Gramcord is easier to use in constructing complex morphological
4. Gramcordís ability to have multiply windows opened and synchronized
lexicons is very useful.
5. Logosís search engine for non-morphological searches is more

Overall, I think Gramcord is the superior language program, whereas, Logos
is the better overall Bible study program. So depending on your personal
needs and goals, one product may be better for you than the other.

Hope this is helpful. Should you have more specific questions you may
e-mail me direct.

Sola Gratia,
                Jay Adkins
Always Under Grace!

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