[b-greek] RE: Gender...What!?

From: Mike Sangrey (msangrey@BlueFeltHat.org)
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 16:51:37 EST

Did I miss something in this discussion?

I've always taken EPISKOPHS to be a verbal noun, like the noun `walk'.
And EPISKOPOS to refer to the person doing the action, like `walker'.
In this case it might be something like `oversight' and `overseer'.
This understanding fits all the occurrences.

What am I missing?

GNT Occurrences of EPISKOPHS:
Acts 1:20
1 Pet. 2:12
1 Tim. 3:1
Luke 19:44

GNT Occurrences of EPISKOPOS:
Acts 20:28
1 Pet. 2:25
1 Tim. 3:2
Phil. 1:1
Tit. 1:7

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