[b-greek] Re: Luke 22:53

From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Tue Apr 03 2001 - 12:26:58 EDT

At 7:45 AM -0700 4/3/01, B. D. Colt wrote:
>In Luke 22:53, our Lord is saying: KAQ' hHMERAN ONTOS MOU
>MEQ' UMWN EN TWi hIERWi . . . My question concerns KAQ'
>hHMERAN. The KJV and ASV have "daily." The four modern
>translations that I have on my computer all have "day after day." Can
>anyone explain this for me, or is it just an idiom which must be learnt
>as is?
>Barbara D. Colt, mailto:babc@ix.netcom.com
>St John the Evangelist, San Francisco

Yes, it is an idiom; there are lots of KATA + acc. or gen. phrases in
Hellenistic Greek constituting idiomatic adverbs (e.g. KAQ' hOLOU
"generally", KATA MEROUS, "partially"). I think that the modern versions
are perhaps a little clearer with their "day after day" but I don't think
the modern translators have understood the text differently from the KJV

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