[b-greek] Re: Mathew 8:19

From: Glenn Blank (glennblank@earthlink.net)
Date: Wed Apr 04 2001 - 15:55:19 EDT

On Tue, 3 Apr 2001 21:42:21 -0400, "Sam Johnson" <jfamily5@prodigy.net>

>Since this ia a 3rd Class Condition how much doubt is there in what he
>says to Jesus?

I am not sure that one should consider this to be a conditional construction
at all. Joseph Thayer's lexicon lists this as an example of EAN in
construct with hOPOU, making hOPOU EAN APERXHi an adverbial clause to mean
"wherever" Jesus is going. The subjunctive mood would be in contrast with
hOPOU without EAN and followed by an indicative verb (for example, John
1:28), which would indicate that the speaker has a specific place in mind.
IMO, if the scribe had used that construction here instead of the
subjunctive, it would carry the force of "I know that you are going to
such-and-such a specific place, and I am willing to follow you there.
Instead, with EAN, it carries the force of "I don't know specifically where
you are going, but wherever it might be, I am willing to follow you," which
in reality expresses *less* doubt as to his willingness to follow Jesus than
if he had used the indicative of APERXEI.

>Dana & Mantey in reference to 3rd class Condition (specifically EAN)write
>" Its very presence in a sentence indicates lack of certainty on the part
>of the one using it.

Yes, but even assuming this is an example of a conditional construction, the
doubt would be expressed concerning the proposition in the protasis ("if
[sic] your are going"), not necessarily concerning the apodosis ("I will
follow you").

glenn blank
Pensacola, FL

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