[b-greek] Re: PARQENOS and Is 7:14

From: Clwinbery@aol.com
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 21:54:33 EDT

Ben Crick wrote;

>>>>>>>>>IMHO Isaiah was emphasizing to Ahaz that the Sign was to be a
 one; not just some young woman getting pregnant (it happens all the time).
 This is a prophetic Sign 'oWT =SHMEION of cosmic proportions, not an everyday
 commonplace (Isaiah 7:11, 14a).


Ben, does that mean that the miraculous birth happened in Ahaz' lifetime?
Seems if it was a miraculous sign ('oWT =SHMEION) to him, it had to happen in
his time. After all Issaiah was trying to get him to trust God.

I am not trying to turn the discussion to a theological debate. I translate
Matthew as Virgin because of the word PARQENOS. I translate Is. 7:14 as young
woman because of the Oxford lexicon.

Carlton Winbery
Louisiana College

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